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Output Amplifier Tube TA-300B

Commitment to ultimate made-in-Japan quality, refusal to compromise

The TA-300B debuted as a made-in-Japan audio vacuum tube after the absence of new domestically produced audio vacuum tubes for 35 years. This product was further improved in precision and reintroduced.
Each and every TA-300B tube is manufactured and assembled with the utmost care using choice materials and under stringent quality control in our own plant in Japan. We remain committed to high quality and refuse compromise as we have always been.
For the reintroduction of the TA-300B, we reviewed the parts and manufacturing processes from the ground up in order to improve precision.
We produced new dies for the base and changed the product color to black.
The TA-300B offers the ultimate vacuum tube quality that only Takatsuki Electric, the one and only vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, can offer.
The warm light that passes through the glass tube enhances the luxury of listening to your favorite music in high sound quality.

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Type ST type vacuum tube
Product name TA-300B
Configuration Directly heated triode tube
Filament voltage/current 5 V/1.2 A AC or DC
Maximum plate voltage 450V
Maximum plate current 100mA
Maximum plate loss 40W

RoHS Compliant

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